Mount Morris - Auto City Junk Yard

During the 1980's and through the 1990's many bodies were dumped in this junk yard. Most of them were do to professional killings. Since this place was once a hot spot to dump bodies it has become very much haunted. There have been reports of screams coming from the junkyard during the night. Also many police reports have been done on the sighting of people standing by the road. When the motorist would stop to help these people they would be gone. One wild report states that the motorist believed he hit a person but no damage was found on the car. This Junk Yard has and is becoming a smoking hot spot for ghosts and Hauntings. The owner of the yard now makes sure the place is always closed before dark and there has been a for sale sign in front of this yard for more than three years going. No one wants to buy the property. June 2008 Update/Correction: The pervious owner reports there were never any bodies found in the junkyard but another previous owner was murdered by his wife's boyfriend. The murder has been featured on court TV. The new owner does claim that there is some paranormal activity in the office where he was murdered at(doors slamming and odd noises). She says she just tells him to take a seat and nothing happens after that. It is private property so there is absolutely NO TRESPASSING. There is a heavy police presence in the area. If you call or visit during business hours she is more than willing to share her stories and she seemed open to have an investigation as long as you clear it with her.

Mount Morris, Michigan

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