Midland Township - Wheeler Rd-Meijer Hill

Back in the 1980s a man killed his whole family a son a daughter a wife and a 1 year old infant. He made his 14 year old son starve to death in the basement while he was chained to the wall and floor. He killed his wife by five hits of a hammer to the head. He then wrapped her in a white bed sheet and left her in the attic to rot. He then killed his daughter and 1-year-old infant and shoved them into the 1st floor bathroom walls. People who go there the second or third time end up seeing things like a baby skull in the wall of the bathroom and chains in the dark end of the basement. Some people who have gone and made it back have had close encounters with accidents on the way home from the house. The house has sence burned down a few years back but the basement remains and so does the haunting.

Midland Township, Michigan

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