midland - Bennegan's parking lot

5 years ago a married man with 2 children came out of the closet. his wife wanted a divorce because of this and he was devastated at potentially losing his kids. He was a very religious man as many midlanders are and also mentally instable. He thought that the only way that they could be together forever would be if they were all dead so one night when he was leaving Bennegains with what may have been his last dinner with custody of his children he stopped the car in the middle of the parking lot and broke down crying. He then locked the doors and shot his two children then himself. Now at night in the parking lot you can see a man and a little boy and girl walking out the door then vanish. If you honk your horn 3 times at around 7:15 then close your eyes and open them again a car will appear facing you head on with a man crying blood in the front seat then vanish in a big green flash. Many orbs have been spotted too.

midland, Michigan

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43.6155825, -84.2472116


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