Manitoulin Island - Drummond Island

Drummond Island is said to be haunted by two ghosts of headless British soldiers. During the War of 1812 there where two British soldiers who went AWOL and a price was placed on their heads. Two Indians near the fort ran off on snowshoes to pursue the deserters. The deserters had built a fire to warm themselves on Manitoulin Island (in Canada now) and began to doze while sitting by their large blaze. The Indians snuck up behind them and with a few swift chops of their hatchets the soldiers were decapitated. The Indians brought their heads back to the fort and collected their bounty. Now people say sometimes you can see a fire burning on the shore and two headless figures pacing around it. Some people claim to have driven up quite close in their boat and had the whole scene disappear before them.

Manitoulin Island, Michigan

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45.7026471, -82.0371761


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