Kingsford - Pine Mountain Road

Everyone in town knows that this area was hit hard during the depression and a hobo town was located where K-Mart is now. Well the legend goes that a homeless guy was trying to hitchhike on Pine Mountain Road up to Marquette for work and was hit by a truck. The driver left his body there for someone else to find and by the time someone found him his body was too mutilated and decomposed to identify. Many people report seeing a man after midnight with a long white beard in 20's era clothes trying to flag them down. His eyes are big and white almost like he's scared. If you happen to see The Hitch as we call it he disappears when you look back where he was standing.

U.P. Investigators has after doing several investigations of the areaas well as checking city and county records determined that this one is a hoax. Also it should be noted that the area in question is located in Iron Mountain Mi. which is right next to Kingsford. Another thing one should make note of is that these are two relatively small communities and it is curious that

Kingsford, Michigan

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45.7949561, -88.0720706


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