Allegan - The Junction

The Junction is an insane asylum in the Allegan Woods. This place is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former patients of the asylum.
i used to live by there 1 house down on the allegan side of 136th went into the actual house or asylum it contained old medical equipment and files on the property there was old buildings used to farm their own food and make experimental therapies for the patients before it was an asylum it was a cult house where girls all ages would come and join their processions taken pregnancies undone by abortions alot of them were killed and buried on the property a husband and wife then opened a hospital house out o  it it contained the ill those needing abortions people who were psych patients and eventually the patients all died the wife developed a brain cancer the husband who was a surgeon tried to remove it and killed his wife he went crazy in the 70 or 80s and booby trapped the entire house convinced spirits of the deceased were seeking revenge on him he was reported bt area residence to the policy and brought to the state hospital. we saw old nurse uniforms with the wifes name in them a trunk full of ids wallets purses from several young women beds metal beds everywhere up stairs old table surgical blood stained it smelled so bad in there the old building now decrepit with time have began falling down but their are jars full of old food and herbal remedies a file cabinet full of files for years they started several things hundreds died at their hands the old sign in front was obviously painted over several times u can read some of it still it says something about a cult some of it says asylum in layers below like the paint peeled reveling so much of each thing this place was if you ask the old timers in the community they will all look at one another they told us we didnt want to know what happened that it was an abomination the devil resided their etc.. i know for a fact all of this is true even my old property which touches this place was haunted and my neighbors we got a folder compiled by our relator when we bought it that contained news articles etc about our property and this place every time a house was build on the property we owned it burned down by some weird freak incident lightening hit it Indians burned it down etc after i moved out and my mom left the house my stepdad lived their it burned down it started fire for no reason while he was sleeping he got out but we lost everything i moved out at 16 i couldn't stand the stuff that happened their i was messing around one night because me and my sister always heard voices i was getting attacked bitten scratched etc by unseen things had horrible nightmares my sister saw people wearing bonnets and long dresses our phone would ring and none was there but static all night long drawers would open and close wed here someone knocking on our door we lived in the middle of the woods it was pitch black the motion sensor light outside wouldn't work when that happened but if an animal went by it would go off. wed hear people walking through our house . i finally did an experiment when my parents went to work i pulled out a mirror and pricked my finger lit some candles and drew a symbol on the mirror something told me to do this it was an inverted pentagram i asked any spirits on the property to come forward i asked why they were hear immediately all the candles went out i felt terrified and i felt like my house was full of people i heard knocking on the windows and felt lie i was being watched my dogs outside were barking uncontrollably and the phone kept ringing i finally unplugged it but it did it again i know this sounds crazy but it happened after that night the attacks on me happened more my sister and i kept having things disappear i started blacking out and didn't realize it i wasn't myself i picked up a whole new 3 personalities my eyes changed color at times me and my mom would fight all the time i would do things and not remember them i picked up smoking something i never did i started developing a new religion in the black arts starting fires throughout the woods that my mom later found they created a path from our house toward a creek behind our property that touched the asylum property it made no sense one night i attacked my mom and wear i pulled her hair it turned solid white she literally had to bash my head off our van to get me off her she is almost 6 ft tall and over 200 more pounds than me i am only 5'1 at the time id lost so much weight i only weighed 90 pounds literally after i ran away i gained weight i became me again i lost a boyfriend who i dated for  yrs id lost family and friends who thought id gone crazy developed multiple personality disorder etc still wont talk to me to this day i eventually got to apologize to my family and grandparents for what i did some of which i still don't remember doing its scary to think i tried to hurt myself i hurt them all in different ways and scared them silly even talked differently and dressed different ly my closet had several different styles of clothing like clashing personalities my mom was scared so was my sister after i left they had bad things happen like something went bonkers on them the house and our pets weird accidents happened our dog and goat got out and ended up on the highway or Lincoln road and were smashed nothing left these were my pets i couldn't take with me my mom and sister adopted them later my dog wouldn't respond to anyone but me i wasn't there it shut down and would attack anyone that approached him for some reason he was never like that ever he was eventually put down animal control had to come and get him it seemed like any animal i handled directly after i left died went crazy and was killed my sister dog went next it ran away for some reason into the woods behind our house i guess it heard something and they wouldn't find her for days she was later found by a neighbor hunting in the woods for her for us shed been ripped apart by something and her collar was stuck on a branch on the ground there was nothing left of her either so we couldn't burry any of them these were pets i loved and cared for from babies on up with my mom and sister i leave and within one month they r all dead like something was angry for me leaving they also had issues with the phone ringing off the hook and none there when they answer even after it was unplugged from the wall and placed on the table in the dining room it finally happened to my parents after i left they wouldn't believe me all the stuff i personally had happen finally happened to them my mom got holy water from my grandmother and did a blessing and things died down but still it was awful. i have always had things like this follow me as a child from before my birth even my parents told me stories about stuff from when i was five 6 7 8 -13 years old then this at 16 yrs old this place isnt the only thing haunted the junction is on haunted land the land is cursed by the Indians that once owned it so many tragedies occurred there and in allegan woods murders suicides death surrounds this woods like a plague if your not careful and do the stupid stuff i did u will unleash it tap into that vortex that attaches them to you i didn't realize what i was doing something called me to that i had never done anything with the black magic arts before that night and haven't since then either.


Allegan, Michigan

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