Detroit - Majestic

The Majestic is a theater on Woodward It is where Harry Hudini did his final show there is a basement below the theater that if you go down to is now a small room and a hallway that has been bricked up there has been several occasions people have seen someone coming from the basement--there is also an old mezzanine that is covered by a large drape you can hear applause and screaming coming from there. in the other part of the building there is a bowling ally(the garden bowl) and a pool hall/concert (magic stick) area above the bowling ally on several nights after all the patrons left several of us sat drinking in the garden bowl you could hear a man yelling and running footsteps from the magic stick. thinking that someone had snuck in or stayed past closing all of us split up and ran up the main and rear stairs not finding anyone this happened several times over the 3 years.

Detroit, Michigan

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