Detroit - The Detroit Masonic Temple

This huge edifice was built in 1912 especially for the Masons. The building has over 1000 rooms many secret passages and secret floor compartments. The builder a gentleman named George D. Mason was said to have gone broke financing the building and having lost all his money (and his wife who left him shortly after filing bankruptcy) became despondent & jumped off the roof to his death. Night watchmen have seen his transparent form at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the roof. Also one of the roof doors will always be open sometimes only moments after the watchman has locked it. Many other unusual sightings have occurred there including unnatural cold spots and shadows moving in the third floor hallway behind the Drill Hall various footsteps the sound of doors slamming in locked unoccupied rooms and feelings of being watched or being unwanted. Many night watchmen have quit on the spot after having an experience with a ghost and others refuse to even enter certain rooms.

Detroit, Michigan

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42.331427, -83.0457538


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