Decatur - Cass County ? Anderson Grave Yard

this is where the Morris Family is buried at who were murdered in there own home on Sept 29th is said that if u go to the grave yard on this date the 29th of Sept you can see Ester and Charles Morris by there tombstone which is the only pillar stone under the only ever green trees in the center of the grave yard. March 2004 Update/Correction: Henry and Esther Morris did have a child but he/she died in infancy several years before the murders. At the time she died Esther Morris was pregnant. And the maid was not killed she was in the house asleep at the time. The Morrises lived in a house considered by the people of the time to be a mansion and were considerably wealthy. Additionally the murderer didn't arrive on horseback as far as can be discerned but he did steal the Morris' buggy pulling horse. The murders took place September 28 1879. And Anderson cemetery is considered a part of Decatur since it is in Van Buren not a part of Marcellus which is in Cass County.

Decatur, Michigan

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42.1080979, -85.9744569


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