Dansville - Seven Gables

Along time ago there was a lady who lived 2 miles back on Seven Gables Road. She was involved in witchcraft and she put a curse on Seven Gables road. IF you heard someone scream The last person to jump over the fence would die. a few years later she forgot all about the curse and she heard a baby scream then she jumped over the fence and 2 months later she was dead. 25 years after a man his wife and his 2 kids moved into that same house The man went Mentally insane burned down the house with his family inside grabbed a shot gun when down the road planning to shoot himself in the head. Instead he found a rope on a tree and hung himself. Now they say that the witch haunts seven gables she doesn't want anyone there Every person that has attempted to go to seven gables have taken Williamston road and either died by a car accident or almost died. No one know why. Trust me we know.

Dansville, Michigan

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42.555869, -84.3033013


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