Clinton Township - Cadillac Memorial Gardens East

There have been several acts of violence here. About 20 years ago a man escaped from a mental home and broke into the front office. In the process he broke several windows trashed the place slit his wrists and neck and was found by the sales staff in the morning wrapped in a blanket talking to himself. He did not die but it was a very violent experience. 10 or so years ago a man was distressed over losing his parents and shot himself in the head overnight on top of his parent s grave. Several of the grounds crew have seen a man dematerialize in the same area a few times. This was in the summit hill garden which is the oldest garden in the cemetery. In the day or night there can be an overwhelming feeling of being watched. About 6 or 7 years ago there was a sales manager who quit after seeing an Indian in the sales office walk thru a wall. There is also a story not verified that a police officer shot a teenager on the grounds and the boy died and was buried there. In the months following the cop went mad and one night was caught wearing camouflage and face paint digging up the boy that he killed. There have also been a few graves that people have tried to dig up but have failed since the vault lids are VERY heavy. Whispers and screams have been heard.

Clinton Township, Michigan

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42.5869016, -82.9195475


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