Bloomfield - Trowbridge Road- Sacred Heart Academy

There is a statue of Mary with her hands raised in the air.. (You can see it as you drive by its in the front yard.) The urban legend goes that there were 2 young boys playing by the statue. They were supposed to come home when the streetlights come on but never did. The parents started looking for them and found a bloody message on the base of this statue that said Don't let your kids play after dark. With the fingers of the statue cut off and blood coming out. If you go there today you'll see the fingers cut off and the eyes gouged out.- August 2005 Update: This is believed to be a hoax. a visitor to our site reports the hands of the statue are intact. January 2007 Update: A worker reports the hands are intact because the statue has been replaced due to its evil past. The original statue is believed to be buried a couple feet down facing downward underneath a new edition to the building.

Bloomfield, Michigan

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