Bloomfield Hills - Trowbridge Road

A side street north of 16 mile on Woodward holds a very creepy place called Trowbridge. It is a very rich area an local kids that were depressed would jump off the bridge which was a 100 ft. drop to there death one instance on a Sunday from 8p.m until 12 midnight every half hour on the hour a kid would commit suicide until midnight when the train came an dismembered there corpses. The kids would spray paint there names or something to be remembered by on the wall. It is on a street called Trowbridge very creepy street with huge houses take it down half a mile an on the left hand side before the street ends is the bridge. Go at your own risk because the place has been known to have many freaky occurrences an not to mention a monks monastery about a mile down the road. October 2003 Update: The Police DO issue trespassing tickets for $250.00 because the train bridge and tracks are federal property and by being on it you are trespassing on federal property. February 2004 Update: Police patrol there quite frequently and the neighbor across the street won't hesitate to call them.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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