Troy - Hamman Dr

Many witnesses have reported seeing an old man roaming around this area on Hamman off of John R.  The man has been identified as roofer Paul Millikien, a previous resident and owner of the 1981 Hamman Rd. home in Troy.  The story states that Paul killed his wife before taking his own life by hanging himself near the garage in the basement-stair doorway.  His spirit has been reported with behaviour that is very inconsistent, he is often seen as an old man who is very grey and very incontentful looking.  Or he has been reported to be seen hanging in the doorway of the basement stairs where he took his own life on the night of August 3, 1973. 

Troy, Michigan

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Source: Word of mouth

Location should be good!!!

42.585425401636044, -83.10991926908491


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