Highland Township - Old Highland Orphanage

The house at 311 East Livingston, Highland,MI has several ghosts.  It was previously a Home for Boys.  A red faced boy or a boy with a bloody face was seen often in the house in the upper floor. It would appear from the attic and bother the children that lived in the house.  As well the basement, the rear of the house and the barn often had dark shadows that moved rapidly.  The former residents of the house stated that the boy with the bloody face was seen by their     children as well as other family members that had stayed in the house.  

Loud banging noises were heard from the basement on the first day of moving to the house.  


NEVILLE'S HILL - A name informally given by long-time Highland residents to the hill or grade on East LIVINGSTON ROAD, between the CSX railroad tracks and PETTIBONE CREEK.  It was named for Miss Agnes Neville who owned the former James Beaumont house at the top of the hill, on the northeast corner of East LIVINGSTON ROAD and ELEANOR STREET, where she ran a home for boys from St. Vincent de Paul.  Local youths often called this grade "Devil's Hill" as a play on and/or corruption of Miss Neville's name.

Highland Township, Michigan

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