Allendale Charter Township - Ott Living Center

The Ott Living Center (part of the WHOJR Community) is said to be haunted.  On the first floor, the first dorm room past the laundry room/community kitchen, things have been seen and heard.  When I went to school there, my dorm mate that lived there said he saw a tall man in a hat hovering in the corner and his tv that had been turned off for hours would flash a very bright light.  He would also occasionally see a  bright glow coming underneath his door that wasn't from the hall way lights.  If you came home in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, you would get a very eerie feeling that someone was behind you in the hall even though no one was there.  A few even claimed to hear a man's voice in the hall ways at the quieter times of the day when everyone was in class or sleeping. We all believed it to be Mr. Ott himself but could never officially confirm this.

Allendale Charter Township, Michigan

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Source: Personal Experience

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