Rome - Pine Tree Camp

This camp is for kids under 18 who are disabled. They stay there for a week. A counselor told kids about a story which is a legend of this camp. The legend is told that a cook named Willie who was preparing the meal for that night. He had a cabin on the other side of the camp. There is a shallow tributary that has high grass. Today that cabin is unsafe because the roof boards are misplaced. There are a bunch of wholes in the cabin. There was a big rain storm headed towards camp and a female cook ran in and said? There is going to be a flood. Willie had a knife in his hands. He was rushing and he had cut of two fingers on one hand his middle and his index finger. On the other hand his thumb and pinkie off. He had run through the woods and no one ever saw him again. People have been calling him Three fingered Willie The counselors took the kids to go to his cabin. They told that 2 counselors drove one of the boats out there. They told them that in the morning he is grumpy in the afternoon he is calm. At night he is friendly and likes a good book every once in a while. Willie came out and onto the boat and ripped there shirts up and you can see them in the day when floating in the water. At camp he the boat that was green magically appeared. At sun down sometimes he likes to visit. He is not a malevolent spirit. It is true.

Rome, Maine

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44.573009, -69.903862


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