Reisterstown - Upper Melinda

Gravesite of witch who taunted townspeople in the 1800's. Before she was hanged and cut in two by an angry mob she put a curse on Reisterstown saying if anybody visited her grave her two halves would crawl closer to each other until one day they would become whole. For assurance the townspeople buried her upper half on one side of Reisterstown in a grave marked UPPER MELINDA. The other grave in unmarked and has not been found till this day. February 2007 Additional information: A group of investigators entered several buildings nothing too strange had happened. Then on the way out they decided to go inside one last building. They found a stair case. They heard sounds of feet shuffling and people talking above us. They assumed it was other board kids but when they reached the 2nd floor they found nobody. The only way down would have been the stairs they came up. They all decided to leave. As they started to walk away from the building one noticed that there was a light on in a window on the 2nd floor. This was incredibly scary as there were no lights on when they had initially entered nor is there any power in any of the old buildings. Note: Rosewood is Government property. It is illegal to trespass on these grounds and if you are caught you will be arrested.

Reisterstown, Maryland

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