Harford - Bottom Road

Down in the narrow end of Bottom Road at certain times of the night you can see a little girl crying by the side of the road in a torn dress with blood all over her holding a teddy bear. She looks so real that people actually stop to see what is wrong then she disappears. The story is unclear but it is said that she was taken into the woods and raped and beaten by an older man. There is another phenomenon associated with Bottom Road other than the one with the little girl. There is a certain section of road in which you have to stop the car. Once you stop the car at this certain section all of a sudden you feel as if you are going in reverse. The section of road is a flat surface so there is no reason for this feeling. You don?t move at all but yet there is a feeling of moving.

Harford, Maryland

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39.5838964, -76.3637285


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