Fort Meade - NTTC DET DINFOS Navy Student Detachment

about 3 years ago a story ran in the news paper here on Fort Meade about three buildings(between Kimbrough and the Officer's Quarters) in which experiments where being done on soldiers. (Drugs like LSD Acid mixed drugs trying to make super soldiers) the next day the buildings were destroyed grass was put down as if the buildings were never there to begin with. these buildings here one day and literally gone the next. There is also a cold storage morgue out here on Fort Meade that they used to bring in bodies from all over the place (that had been exposed to different agents nerve gas diseases) that would be experimented on also. The morgue is still here. students report of hearing people talking walking around and banging.

Fort Meade, Maryland

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39.1088867, -76.7432645


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