Charlotte Hall - Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

Residents of this nursing home sees small children wandering and playing through the halls it is said that floor 3-b is haunted they are no residents that lives on that floor it is completely EMPTY! but when nurses walking through on night shift can see call lights flicker on and noises heard. before Charlotte Hall Veterans Home was built they was once a type of military school for boys that was there. some how the school was burnt down and some of the children were burnt and killed also. and it is said that the Veterans Home is now haunted by the children and the people who has died while living in the home. July 2005 Update/Correction: The fire in Charlotte Hall was in the early 1900s. No one was killed. The veteran's center that is at the location has been there only 20 years. Charlotte Hall was a school from 1723 and a Military Academy since 1774. Yes there were several deaths at that school even up to the 1960's such as sports accidents & heart attacks. There was a student that drowned at a pond located behind the school just off the ground where students would go to swim. One boy did drown there in 1909 a cadet named Pierre there was a plaque on the entrance of the school in his memory. A former student reports to scare the younger students the upper classmen would tell the younger students about his ghost roaming the halls and still swimming back at Smoochers Pond.

Charlotte Hall, Maryland

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