Whitman - Brooks Plymouth Street Trail

In the early 1900's every Halloween for 5yrs straight the girl scouts had a Halloween party sleepover in first cabin from where the trail begins with the same supervisor.. on the 5th yr the girls went into the woods to have their Halloween sleepover and the next morning none of them came out when their parents went to pick them up! Ever since then on Halloween there has been sightings of these 5 little girls in that same cabin. People have reported seeing the 5 little girls with their pajamas on dancing around while holding hands in a circle.. others have reported seeing green smoke coming from under the cabin door and after opening it seeing the supervisor rocking back and forth staring at the girls with a smile on her face and a bloody knife in her right hand.. nobody knows why the little girls and supervisor never came out of the woods that day.

Whitman, Massachusetts

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42.0806564, -70.935599


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