Salem - Salem State College- Mainstage Auditorium

The ghost of a little Boy named Tommy is said by theater professors and students to haunt the auditorium. Tommy is supposedly the ghost of a child that got into the area above the auditorium one night during the '60's. He fell through a spot in the ceiling and was found dead in the seats of the auditorium by a professor the next day. Tommy still haunts the area above the auditorium which has long been sealed up and used for storage. He is mischievous for the most part making noises moving things and causing unexplainable problems in the theater. Technicians working on tall ladders swear they can feel Tommy putting a pressure on their backs. They claim that it is Tommy trying to prevent any one else from falling. December 2003 correction:The actual story is this: It was in the '70's when it happened and the boy that fell wasn't a child he was a teenager.The boy that died was named Tommy. Tommy and few other kids had been drinking and they snuck into the auditorium. They were fooling around jumping on seats rolling around on the stage etc. When the kids where getting ready to leave but they couldn't find Tommy. They figured that he had left and so they left. The next morning my dad got a call saying that his friend Tommy had fallen through the ceiling of the auditorium. He had fallen head first onto the floor and died on impact.

Salem, Massachusetts

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