Royalston - The Old Royalston Cemetery

Very old and very small cemetery. Surrounded by a short stoned wall. Only one way in and one way out. Feelings arrive as soon as you enter such as cold spots light touching sensations and that I?m not alone feeling. Its a very old cemetery with a stone table like gravestone not too far in. Next to it his one wife and his three concubines. Reported seeing a black like figure moving about the cemetery really fast. Then a fog like woman with a long white dress with blonde hair swaying around the back brick wall in the cemetery towards the old shack. Most believe that the stone table is the black shadow's gravestone since he?s usually seen right there. Note: All four (4) women's deaths have the same date and the table gravestone's date is only a few short days later. Most of the inscription on the table cant be read anymore.

Royalston, Massachusetts

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42.6685533, -72.1653076


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