New Bedford - Bristol County House of Corrections

Inmates experience instant and shared feelings of dread and at times report being woken up and not being able to rise out of bed as if being held down by an invisible force.

In June 1828 County Commissioners purchased 1.5 acres of land belonging to Abraham Russell for the site of the Ash Street jail. On Oct 5 1829 the 287 cell jail was constructed at a cost of $88,000; it's currently the oldest jail still in use in the US.

       Lizzie Borden, was accused of murdering her father and step-mother in August 1892, stayed in the former Sheriff's House, which is adjacent to the jail, during her trial at New Bedford Superior Court in 1893. A 19th century bed frame stored in an empty, unheated room, a level below the jail's attic, is said by some to be the bed that Borden slept on, but nobody knows for sure.

New Bedford, Massachusetts

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