Lakeville - Old Lakeville Hospital

On Rt. 105 1 mile south of I-495. Closed due to under funding the buildings on the grounds of The Old Lakeville Hospital are still home to some that died there. Passerby's and the security guards out front have seen many images in the windows including a window spattered with blood or many patients staring down at them. Upon exploration of the buildings to find these trespassers there is never anyone there. During many explorations people have seen weird lights heard sounds of people screaming crying or walking or running some rooms with no windows have had light coming from under the door until the door was opened especially 3rd floor operating rooms. A private company has bought the land and posted NO TRESSPASSING but most of the buildings are easily accessed and the only security is a guy out front in a trailer. February 2007 Update: Lakeville is pretty heavily patrolled by private security. It's not a great place to recommend that people ghost hunt. Get permission first.

Lakeville, Massachusetts

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