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Rumors talk of a spooky spirit within the walls of the old French opera house. The building once burned down but they rebuilt it. Talk of a woman named Esmeralda who died in a chair in the house during the fire comes back to haunt the children who participate in the theatrical productions. Her apparition is seen during every production by 1 or more participants in the plays floating above the lighting on the stage with a red eye. She also has appeared to few students when they sit in the purple painted chair that she died in. Sometimes when one of actors/actresses sit in the chair before a performance bad luck comes about to them during their performance. So next time you are there watch out because she has her eye on you!!! June 2005 Correction: The truth about Essie as she's affectionately referred to here is yes she did die in a fire here when the building was still known as French's Opera House. She is said to live in the fly loft above the lighting instruments above the stage. There is a purple chair in the audience on the right hand side near the stage. Flowers are placed there before performances...if the flowers are not in full bloom she will mess around with the lights during the performances. She is for the most part a friendly spirit although she does like to make noises at night.

Hyde Park, Massachusetts

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