Haverhill - Haverhill Country Club

The doors of the stairwell that links the Upstairs and downstairs kitchens frequently open and close themselves as well as the door in the main kitchen leading to the executive chef's office. In the downstairs kitchen things just fall over on their own everything from stacks of plates to pots pans and food. Also there have been reported sightings of a ghost of a person in a full chef's uniform wandering through the kitchen and reports of people feeling someone brush up against them the staff has nicknamed him Mr. Z. In the upstairs kitchen staff have reported hearing voices and noises when no one else is around. Moving out of the kitchen and to the rest of the clubhouse the power frequently goes off mysteriously and comes back on after anywhere from a few seconds to an hour. One night after work the kitchen staff went down for a swim this was around 10:30 at night. At around 11:00 o?clock all of the staff left except for 1. The last staff member was left waiting for a ride outside of the pool building. While waiting they heard noises coming from the inner walls where the pool is. It sounded like voices talking laughing and yelling even splashing.

Haverhill, Massachusetts

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