Hanson - Plymouth County Hospital

This hospital was an old Tuberculosis hospital. Many have died in the hospital. When walking by people feel like they are being watched. Also strange noises have been heard from screams to laughter. It is deserted now but many still fear the ghostly presence that exists. February 2004 update/ warning: As with all the other places posted on this website DO NOT TRESPASS you are running a risk of being hurt or changed by the police. Always follow the proper avenues if you want to do an investigation. Never Trespass on any of these locations!!! Always get permission to enter abandon or private property. If you want to visit any of these locations please read this first. October 2007 Update: this place has been completely torn down and the area has been cleared for the building ofcondos.

Hanson, Massachusetts

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42.0644, -70.850355


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