Gloucester - Rockport- Dog Town

Hidden in the woods off of rte 127 is a road that enters Dog Town so called because the early fishermen hid the village in the woods away from the shore line to avoid detection from enemies. Many men died at sea while fishing leaving their wives and children alone so they would acquire dogs once the shoreline was deemed safe they abandoned the village leaving the dogs behind creating wild dog packs. There are reports of a begger woman who asks for money at the entrance and curses you if you don't relent. Also a man who was dragged out by police because he went insane looking for the gold pieces the woman hid in her cellar is said to be heard ranting and raving. There are also a few unsolved murders reported to have happened there. The last one was about 20 yrs. ago.

Gloucester, Massachusetts

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42.6159285, -70.6619888


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