Foxboro - The Old State Hospital

The state shut the Foxboro State Hospital several years ago some say it was because of the cruelty of the patients. The buildings still remain and strange things do happen. For instance you could hear and see the outside doors trying to be pushed out as if they were trying to escape. Some also say it could be homeless people in living in there. Others believe these are the spirits that have been beaten severely or have been tortured. Reported by a former employee at the hospital during the 1980s that Buildings A & B where freezing no matter what the weather was. Doors slam shut and the feeling of being watched. January 2007 Update: All of Foxboro State Hospital has been demolished. Some still see eerie figures walking around the construction site left there. A private company will be building offices there and has posted NO TRESPASSING around the grounds. October 2007 Update: The hospital has not been completely demolished. While several buildings have been completely torn down to make way for a new public safety building strip mall and housing developments many of the buildings are still standing and will be converted to condos.

Foxboro, Massachusetts

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