Bridgewater - Ryanham (Hockomock Swamp)

Strange sounds are often heard late at night ... apparitions of a child's hands reaching out of the water have also been seen there ( apparently a child drown there many years ago ) Many sightings of old Indian canoes and the Indians themselves have also been sighted at night along the eerie water. March 2008 additional information: The swamp is the center of a much larger area known as the Bridgewater Triangle. This is probably one of the most haunted places in the entire country. Wikipedia has a lot of good information as the sightings reported goes a lot farther than what is listed on the entry for this place.Generally speaking the following things have been reported in or near the swamp: glowing lights giant hellhounds that killed a couple ponies giant birds with 12 ft wingspans Native American voices in the woods mysterious graves that bubbled strange things when they were disturbed UFOs (reports go back over 300 years) black helicopters and even bigfoot. Here is some more information:

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

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41.9903787, -70.9750426


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