Bridgewater - Bridgewater State College- Shea-Durgin Hall -Room 228

As an 18 year old girl enters the room from her weekend visiting home, a dreadful smell lingers in the room.  To her dismay she opened the closet to find her roomate, beaten and nude, dead on the floor.  There were bite marks present all over her body, as well as signs of rape.  Bruises covered her neck making clear signs of her being strangled.  On the desk of the dead roommate was a note asking why she had been cheating on her boyfriend, written by her boyfriend.  After much investigation it was clear that the boyfriend had strangled her to death, after he raped and mutilated her.  Residents of this room say at night they can hear the girl screaming and gagging for her very life.



Bridgewater, Massachusetts

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Source: Personal Experience
Dr. Adrian Rondileau, Personal Experience Records

Location should be good!!!

41.97072234792809, -70.9383773803711


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