Marshfield - Webster ST House

3rd from Caswell St, a house sits facing north. Built by the Sinnott Family in the early 1950's; orignally as a barn, then it was turned into a home not long after. 3 generations of Sinnott's lived there until 1999, when it was sold; only to be sold again shortly after. And again after that. Left to rot for almost 3 years, it was finally purchased by a 4th family who resides there today. King Phillips War went directly through the land the house sits on, which is more than likely the primary reason for the spirits. Being one of the bloodiest wars in history, something was bound to linger. In 1990, the death of the original owner (in the back room facing the bog) added to the hard to see residents. Indians have been seen by many, as well as other unknown sillouttes. Unexplained noises are commonly heard and eerie energy is constantly present. A woman has been seen by all 4 families pacing then stomping up and down the stairs. Another favorite thing of hers is to sit on the edge of the bed in the master bedroom upstairs. Unknown figures & faces show in photos, and the most unsettling night is the night after thanksgiving... A common demoninator among all who have lived there...

Marshfield, Massachusetts

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Source: Personal Experience

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42.075398109753564, -70.67443652868265


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