Fitchburg - Fitchburg State University-Aubuchon Hall

Residents of both the 3rd and 11th floors have experienced hearing noises in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep (bathroom stall/doors and suite doors slamming).  It is likely the spirit of a former student who allegedly committend suicide by jumping from the 11th floor.  (There's different verions - one in which she was drunk and fell, and another in which she was pushed.)  She landed on an outcropping part of the roof on the 3rd floor.  

I lived on the 3rd floor and at the beginning of my freshman year she shook my bed while I was trying to sleep and at the end of the year she threw my shower cady from the shower stall.

Another former student claims he was the only one in his room one night, his roommate had gone home, and while he was trying to sleep he heard the noise the door makes when one slides their key to unlock it, as if the door accepted the key but the door didn't open.

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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Source: Personal Experience

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