New Orleans - Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre

In the courtyard a young bride on the day of her wedding day Jumped from a side of the building overlooking the courtyard. Some (including myself) have seen her standing at the place where she jumped. Also there have been experienced cold spots in the courtyard and in the fountain (at night) you can kind of see the reflection of the girl standing where she fell. Another one is on the second story in the theatre. People have recounted stories when they went to get in their seats but an old man would be sitting in it reading a newspaper. He has been seen wearing old-time clothing. After the manager has been notified of this 'man' he is nowhere to be found. Also Sightings and missing prop/costume occurrences. Actors have felt cold hands placed on their shoulders as they walk onstage smoke machines have gone off at random etc.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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29.9647222, -90.0705556


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