Centerville - Susie Plantation

The Home was built in early 1800's. Ghost include an unknown black male who has appeared in photos and Addie E. Harris who's parents owned the house. The Working Plantation was given to her husband James Stirling Hereford two years prior to her death as a Wedding Dowry. She died in childbirth in 1876 at the age of 22 yrs old. Her Life ended at a young age and she was put to rest on the grounds of the home she grew up in and loved dearly It seems she has chose to remained there. Her Tomb can be seeing today standing stately beside the house with a marble slab adoring the tomb. Upon there the slab is an eerie inscription it reads Weep Not For me I am not dead I only sleepth. That is true she has appeared there at least once in full view and there are many other happenings at that home.

Centerville, Louisiana

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30.9121373, -92.3067963


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