Winchester - Bluegrass Heritage Museum

There is a former medical clinic turned museum in downtown Winchester Kentucky that seems to be haunted. The stories range from footsteps around and above the listener to doors opening and closing themselves and even sightings of full body apparitions of former clinic employees. Moving cold spots fluctuating EMF readings various orb photos and such are common in the building especially on the third floor. There have been several very clear EVPs caught in and around the former operating room and in various places on the third floor of the building as well as in the former morgue area. The voices captured seem to be that of doctor and nurses talking just before or during a surgery and of a man screaming and moaning in pain. Also at least one home video exists of heavy footsteps walking and then running across the floor above the listeners and of a hallway door shutting itself opening itself and then slamming its self shut. The most compelling evidence this video holds is of a lock on the third floor hallway door unexplainably unlatching its self right before your eyes and the door slowly opening. These events have been witnessed for decades and by countless numbers of people and as before stated even exists on video. The building is currently open as a museum for historical tours Tuesday thru Friday for a small admission fee and plans are in the works to do a half night paranormal tour for Halloween 2008.

Winchester, Kentucky

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