Vanceburg - Slate Hollow

Slate Poibt and Surrounding Hills In the 1980s there were several sightings of a hoofed half man half deer or goat type creature roaming the area. Its said that he/it was bringing in a new age of depression death bitterness and even opening a portal to the dark realms itself. In the same are and maybe the same being was sighted several times on the Slate Hollow point in the area of a cabin that is long gone now. The shape was the same but there was mentioning of glowing red eyes and when this being was approached with out fear he would turn into several black birds and fly toward you. In a valley below the point was a place that was and had been describe as completely barren and dead. The trees grass and even the branch of water was dry and gone. This was said to be the opening to the portal. Screams could be heard. Climate change from warm to extreme cold. And a feeling of eyes all around you watching you could be felt. It was told that the reason all this attention had come to this area was do to the murder. But when asked no one knew a name to give.

Vanceburg, Kentucky

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38.599243, -83.3187952


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