Richmond - Madison Middle School

Madison Middle is very old first it was a civil war hospital which many died in then a high school now its a middle school. There is said to be a cheerleader that was raped and or murdered in the third floor girls bath room. Very scary sometime when you are in the bathroom alone you can hear weird noises. Sometimes late at night the last stalls door is shut and locked but the next day when you look there is no one there and the door is completely open. A man was brutally murdered in room 306 in the late 1940s you can still hear sounds of his cry late at night mostly at 1:03 in the morning. October 2007 Update: There is no proof of guy being murdered. There is a story about a girl on the third floor who was shoved by a bully and hit her head on the sink in the girls bathroom and die. There have been accounts and seen a figure on the third floor. There was one morning a student was helping the social studies teacher carry some things up to her class. It was about 6.45 7 oclock. When they got to the third floor and open the door they saw what looked like a young girl running down the hall. They went to investigate because no kids should have been in there at that time and found that the Girls bathroom light was on. There is also a rumor that the school used to be a hospital during the Civil war and is haunted by soldiers who died there.

Richmond, Kentucky

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