Partridge - Lewis Creek

late at night you can here a loud whaling and screaming coming from the woods on Lewis creek. No one knows exactly what happened but their used to be a racetrack that everyone used to race cars on. It wasn?t pro or anything but it was fun for the guys mostly and their girlfriends would come to watch then race and one time there was a horrible accident and a car wrecked and went into the bleachers and killed more than 15 people and it is believed that the screams are from all the people that died that day. the track is still up there and the guard rails and what?s left of the bleachers is their too. the old buildings that the cars where sometimes kept in are still their too. Kids go up there and use it for paint ball games. People who live behind the area have experienced their roll up shades moving own their own hearing voices whispering like at night. June 2008 correction / additional information: The racetrack was known as Lonnies Speedway and yes its still there not in good shape but still there. There was an accident that only the drivers were killed in not 15 people. Every now and then no certain time you can sit on the blacktop road that runs beside the earth walls of the track and hear the wreck happen. There are no homes behind the track its all woods. There are houses on the creek past the track as well as before you get to the track. If you want to find this track Ill tell you how. You go up Lewis Creek off of US HWY 119 in Partridge. Cross the new state bridge just off 119 then go on up the holler. Youll cross a set of railroad tracks on your way to the track. You will come to a yard with a fairly large house off in the distance and an old barn just off the road this is Lonnie Lewis house and barn. The Lonnie that lives in the house is also the Lonnie that the speedway was named after. The racetrack looks like just a hill just off the road right past the barn on the left of the road. Make sure ask Lonnies permission to go to the actual track because he is now old and might think that youre trying to steal something. His son also lives in a camper near the track behind the barn.

Partridge, Kentucky

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