Owenton - Perry Park

Here there is a pre civil war plantation that burnt down and killed 2 kids and there nanny. It was rebuilt and later turned into a private country club in 1967. The house was made into the restaurant and the rooms upstairs were rented out (to live in) then redone into a bed and breakfast (just for members guests). If you listen hard you can always hear little kids screaming and running footsteps all around. Doors won?t unlock and open or sometimes they won?t open even if unlocked. The nanny keeps quiet but every once in a while someone will get the privilege to see her full body in big windows that start at your nose. Since then the country club has been turned into a resort where they have built a hotel and made the golf course public. The ghosts do not like this the fire alarms go off in the middle of the night for no reason and even after being reset will go off again. Curtains shut themselves and in the kitchen pots and pans will bang together and the doors will shut and lock themselves. The lights have dimmers and at night employees have said after turning off the switch and the lights on high they will come in the next morning and the lights will be switched on and on low dim. This doesn?t just happen at a certain time it happens ALL the time.

Owenton, Kentucky

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