Florence - Bone Lick Park

you can drive down the road in which it is located on and experience phenomenal things. Things such as whispers undeclared figures and unknown noises. This is supposedly happened to a numerous amount of people. Like the spirit is looking for help. THE BONE LICK PARK is a place in which is Indian related. The are buffalo and such in the park. Many believe that the noises have to do with cries of many children whom wander off into the woods surrounding the area and never return because of an evil spirit who takes lives because his was taken. Some people also say that this person was murdered there and is just in search of the killer(in look for help). This is a tourist attraction around Kentucky and fewer cases have happened because of this. So on some night drive down that road and get out of your car and walk on the outskirts of the woods and you may be able to hear the cries.

Florence, Kentucky

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38.9989499, -84.6266111


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