Corbin - Cumberland Falls State Park

Back in the 1950s a Bride and Groom came to Cumberland Falls State Park for their Honeymoon. The couple decided to take in some of sites at the falls area before going back to their room at the lodge. Before leaving the falls they wanted to have their photos the with the falls in the background. The couple found an overlook just a few hundred feet from the falls that would work great for the photo. As the Bride stood on the Pillars at the edge of the 75 to 80 foot cliff the Bride lost her balance and fell to her death. This place is now called Lovers Leap. There have been reports of people driving around the last curve and hitting a woman that seems to be wearing a wedding dress and when they go to look for her she is no where to be found.

Corbin, Kentucky

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36.9486986, -84.0968761


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