Coventing - Devou park

a team of football players were on there way to a fooball game and the bus fliped over the cliff.And from what was told if you turn your car off and put it in nutral and flash your lights 3 times the team of football players will come put and push your car up the hill about 10 inches. WARNING: dont try to put baby powder on the back of the car and expect to see hand prints it WILL NOT work.

Never heard the bus story, in the mid 60's it was known as Gravity Hill and is close to the Devou park area in Covington, Ky.     actual location 39.085719,-84.52975    You had to go through Devou Park to get to it, which was "closed" at dusk.

It was less populated at the time, very dark, and it was common for high school kids to stop on the road, turn the lights and engine off and put the car in neutral. Soon the car would start rolling uphill and you would have to leave as the girls' screaming in the car usually caused the few neighbors to call the police. I do remember hearing that baby powder would never show hand prints but spirits don't really need to touch the car to move it.

Coventing, Kentucky

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Location should be good!!!

39.085719, -84.52975


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