Campbellsville - Spurlington tunnel

believed to be cursed. Story has it that a train robbery in Corbin had several robbers who came up the branch line through Marion County into Taylor County and stopped as far as the train line went. An old woman that many called a witch lived there. She took care of the robbers not knowing of their exploits. One day the robbers decided to leave and didnt want anyone to know of their surroundings they threatened the old woman and decided to kill her. She warned them that if they did that she would curse them and they would come to a bad end. The men killed her and buried the $50000 of 1860 money under her to make a scare on anyone who tried to get it. 6 of the 7 men were caught and hanged. A tunnel was built in the area where the old woman was buried. Tons and tons of rock are buried atop her body. The one robber who got away later returned to the area. He rode the train into the area. After leaving he rode the train back to return home. As the train went through Calvary crossing the Rolling Fork River the bridge collapsed and the last of the robbers lost his life as the curse of the witch woman all came true.

Campbellsville, Kentucky

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37.3433974, -85.3419069


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