Salyersville - Old Vancleave Bible Institute

Located near Frozen Creek this was once a bible school which housed both male and female students. Due to the difficult terrain students lived on campus. In the flood of 1939 many students and staff perished while holing up in the boiler room. (They were warned of a tornado not flood). Little remains of the school after the flood. Buildings include a dorm a gym and a stone chapel. It has been reported that sounds of children laughing and crying can be heard. It is also reported that heat can be felt coming from the punishment rooms. You can go there and feel like you are being watched the laughter of little kids and in the third building you can feel heat as you go up the stairs to the punishment rooms. Some have even seen red glowing eyes in the upstairs. There is also what seems to be a small chapel that has an aboveground basement that sits out in a field. The basement is filled with black mud like substance. If viewed from above it has a whirlpool design to it. Several people say that they have heard cries of young children and have even seen them. It has been said that you will see and hear terrifying things. December 2006 Update ? has been torn down.

Salyersville, Kentucky

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