Bowling Green - Western Kentucky University- Potter Hall

In 1977 a girl hung herself in the basement. Change has been heard dropped in soda machines but no one is there scratching sounds of basement floor. February 2004 Update: is now just used for the office of the register housing has been moved down to South West Hall. Which did once have a creepy incident involving a ouija board where a wall began to crack open. Also for Potter it was in room 8 on the bottom floor that the girl hung herself -- though that is debated some believe she was murdered. January 2006 Correction/ Update: A student that attended school with the girl has cleared a few things up on this particular haunting. She was a Very quiet but very nice girl. Though she didn?t leave a note she had taken her own life. They report her name was Teresa nicknamed Tye-Dye. Many on campus believe it to be Penny because of several of the office workers in that area of the building said they often find pennies rolling down the hall and find them on the floor.. So if anyone happens to notice pennies rolling down the hall or hears change clanging in the vending machines dont be afraid. Potter Hall is Tye-Dyes old stomping ground where one day back in 1978 she made the decision to exhert the only control she had over her own life.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

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