East Bernstadt - The Space Needle in Gatlinburg TN

My mother and I went to the space needle in Gatlinburg and I will never forget what I experienced that day. We got on the elevator and when it started going up, I got an uneasy feeling. I thought this was strange because I am not afraid of heights. We got to the top and got off. The uneasy feeling grew stronger. I told my mom that I was going to wait by the elevator while she walked around. As she was walking around I saw a teenage boy coming around from the other direction he walked past me and went on around. When my mom came back to me I told her that we were not the only ones up here. She told me that we were. I told her no we were not that there was a teenage boy up there as well. she told me there was not but that she would walk around again and see. she came back and told me no one was up there with us. I told her that I saw a teenage boy and that he did not get on or off the elevator while we were up there because I had  been standing by the elevator the whole time. We  went down and left and the uneasy feeling went away. That night my mom and I went on a haunted ghost tour of Gatlinburg. One of the stops was at the Space needle. The person giving the tour talked about how people have claimed to see a teenage boy at the top of the space needle or on top of the elevator.The person told the story of a teenage who worked at the space needle in the nineties and had rode on the top of the elevator down then he got caught in between something and the elevator and got cut in half. The person said that the workers would usually ride on top of the elevator when going down but never alone because one had to be the lookout so they would now when to jump. One teenager decided to do it alone and did not make it. what the person told us basically confirmed what I saw earlier at the space needle.

East Bernstadt, Kentucky

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