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This story is written as told to me by my mother and father. I didn't witness the events told here first hand, and quite frankly I'm not even sure that I believe in ghosts or whatever you want to call them. I do know, however, that although the events of this story took place more than 30 years ago, my usually steadfast, and hard-hearted father is reluctant to speak of it even now. Knowing the kind of man he is, anything that can spook him that bad was very
    real, at least to him. I post this story now in hopes that someone can attest to seeing something similar at some point and will contact me with the details of their sighting.

The events happened over a 3 weeks period in the
summer and early fall of 1980. The location of the reported sighting is in Clark County, Kentucky on Wades Mill road approximately 8 to 10 miles outside the city limits. If one were so inclined to see the sight for themselves they could find it with relative ease by locating a few prominent landmarks of the area that were there in 1980, and still standing today. The first being Mt. Carmel church, the second being an old white building that served in some capacity 
as a country store at some point in time but has long since been closed down and fallen into disrepair, and the third, and most important, is a fence row in a curve just past this decrepit store building.

My mother and father had been married less than a year, and had gotten into the habit of driving my mother's brother to his girlfriend's house on Friday, and/or Saturday nights. The home sat well off of White&Turley road up a long driveway that is known
    today as ''DA BAR Farm'' Anyone who passes through the area today will take lightly the gravity of the desolation of the area in 1980 as many new homes have been constructed in recent years. 30 plus years ago you were in the middle
of nowhere when you reached this point of Clark county. As such there was an almost total lack of artificial lights save only for the headlights of your vehicle, and a few farm houses scattered sparsely along the Wades Mill road.

The first time the gentleman in question was spotted, my father was traveling alone to pick my mother's brother up. This had become a normal routine for my father, having done it nearly every weekend that spring, and early summer. He 
would drop my uncle off around 8pm, and the rule was my uncle had to be out of the young lady's house by midnight. My dad places the time at somewhere between 11:40pm and midnight as he passed the Mt. Caramel church and sped down the straight stretch approaching the defunct country store building.
He noticed nothing out of the ordinary as he listened to the radio and wondered if my mother would be asleep by the time he returned home. He saw the peeling
    white paint of the store front up ahead and began to slow for the sharp left hand curve that he well knew lay just beyond. With the store still fresh in his peripheral view the headlights from his car illuminated the fence row that
bordered the curve ahead. As the lights picked up fence post after post, he saw what appeared to be the tattered grey clad figure of a confederate infantry soldier.
He seemed to be dressed for skirmish, or scout duty as the only gear my father noted seeing was a musket leaning against a phantom fence post, and a cartridge box and haversack about the man's neck hanging just below the waistline. He seemed to be resting against what was yet another phantom 
fence post that lay just beyond the modern and visible fence row. My dad said he knew immediately what it was standing there in the dim headlights before him. The appearance of the spectral soldier was such that there was no mistaking his southern allegiance. My father estimates he saw the figure before him for a total of 20 seconds before the car got past him, leaving him once again shrouded in inky darkness.

The return trip was without incident, seeing
    only the present day, and empty fence line as he and my uncle sped back toward town. My father's resolve to explain away most things, and to fear nothing save God alone, he mentioned it only briefly to my mother the next morning
and went on with business as usual in the coming weeks. In fact it wasn't until he approached the same spot in the fence row while shuttling my uncle once again to his girlfriend's house two Saturday's later that he began to wonder about the origin of the phantom infantry man, and whether he had really seen what he thought he had seen at all.

The return trip to town was without incident once again, and the evening went smoothly once back home. My mother 
and father played rummy, and watched television until after 11pm when, as usual, dad began to get ready to make the long, dark trip back to the edge of Clark County, and through the curve that was now weighing very heavy on his mind. His nerves finally got the better of him, and at the last minute he asked if my mother would ride with him this time. She agreed, and they were off.
They talked about life, the humidity of the summer night, and about the heat
    lightning that danced through the sky over Montgomery County which lay only a few miles ahead of them in the darkness. As they passed the Mt. Carmel church my father's thoughts drifted back 2 weeks before, and to the figure he had
now all but assured himself hadn't really been there. My mother attests to the fact that dad began to get more and more quiet as the white glow that was the vacant country store building came into view illuminated by the headlights.
They were now within 100 yard of the curve; so close that the lights had begun to show the first fence posts standing silently vacant on the bank ahead. As the headlights fully lit the spot where the haunting image had been my father 
secretly breathed a sigh of relief. His solace was short-lived, however, for in a fraction of a second the specter of the soldier had materialized from nowhere and had begun to run across the road just ahead of them.
My mother screamed out, ''WATCHOUT!'' Instinctively dad locked up the brakes on the car and swerved to avoid the man now sprinting across the yellow dividing line on the asphalt. The car never had time to come to a full stop. The soldier had
    appeared much too quickly to miss him. Somehow miraculously they had managed to miss the man now visible through the drives side window at the rear fender of the car. He had never looked up, almost as if he was completely unaware
of the vehicle and its stunned occupants at all. The next sound the filled the car was my mother's screams as they watched the figure completely vanish into a mist as his ragged shoes touched the damp grass on the other side of the road.

They didn't talk much for the rest of the drive, mostly from the shock of the ordeal, and partly because they were just unsure what to say. As usual, the return trip was uneventful, and they made it back to town and 
the safety of their apartment shortly before 12:30am. The sighting of the phantom soldier, and the events of that night became one rarely spoken of from that point on, and my uncle had to arrange for another ride to and from his girlfriends house.
My mother often questions whether it ever really happened at all, while fully able to describe the young man's appearance, gait, and even the exact location from which he had materialized in the fence row. My
    father, on the other hand, will rarely even acknowledge the event taking place, and when he does, he doesn't offer much for details of the events, or explanations of what he thinks it could have been. ''I don't believe in ghosts''
is his usual response. While on a camping trip recently he opened up about the details of both of his sightings that month. This story is made up of those events as described to me.

As before mentioned, I post these events only in hopes of finding someone else who has experienced something similar in or around this area. I'm not interested in your ghost stories, or spook tales otherwise as I don't believe any of it anyway. I can be reached at


Mount Sterling, Kentucky

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